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Personal and Professional Development

While ‘hard’ skills are the basic requirement to enable anyone to function in their job role, it is ‘soft’ skills that are critical to success both for your employees and for your organisation.

Business woman in a training session

Supporting the growth of your people and your business


Research has shown that 'soft' skills training can bring a 250% return on investment to employers while also benefiting employees [The University of Michigan and Boston college, 2017].


The ‘soft’ skills needed by your people include assertiveness, communication (including listening), problem-solving, interview and selection, time management and coaching skills – the foundations of many of the Personal and Professional Development interventions that Develop Your People offer.

Flexible solutions to fit your requirements

Our courses are designed and delivered to meet your needs, whether it is a one-day session to address a specific behavioural challenge, a number of stand-alone courses or as part of a modular Leadership and Management Development programme. They can be classroom-based or online, whichever works best for you. 

Other services

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